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Silicone insulated cables and wires

Silicone Rubber (SIR) has developed into a multi-purpose material which appears quite often in daily life.

The basic material for SIR is ordinary sand from which pure silicium is extracted. The silicon rubber is than produced after a long and complex manufacturing process. Due to our own silicone compounding, Tehran sadra specialized cable is able to offer a wide range of silicone compounds which meet our customer's specific requirements, e.g. resistance to high temperatures, notches, tearing, flame, high voltage and hot steam sterilization. Silicone rubber cables made by we are extremely resistant to heat and cold while keeping their physical properties constant. Further special features of our SIR insulated cables are their resistance to weather, ozone, and aging as well as UV-radiation and radioactive rays.

Among others applications for SIR insulated cables are: Domestic appliances, lighting, automotive industry, mechanical engineering, medical equipment, heating cables, high voltage cables, fire security cables, nuclear power plants, shipbuilding etc.

Silicone/Fiberglass Wire

Designed for use in environments where sustained
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Silicone Cable/ Shield

High temperature cables (also known as High Temp cables) represent a vast range of cables which continue to perform at increased and elevated temperatures.
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Ignition Cable

Ignition cable to transmit high voltage instantaneous current from the power supply to the combustion chamber
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Halogen Free Cable

We supply a comprehensive range of Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cables for use in applications where smoke emission and toxic fumes could pose a risk to human health and essential equipment in the event of a fire.
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Instrumentation Cable

We supply a wide range of instrumentation cables suitable for an even wider range of applications across industries where manufacturing and processing operations are controlled and measured by electronic means.
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