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Silicone Cable Shield

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This cable is used for connection of electrical appliances without mechanical stress at increased environmental temperatures, for example in steelworks, but also at low temperatures. sheath are  Insulation and resistant to most oils, acids, lyes and oxidants.

PVC insulated cable with a temperature rating of +105oC PVC
Silicone insulated cable with a temperature rating of up to +180oC Silicone
Silicone+Mica glass tape and glass fiber braid cable offering  a temperature rating of up to +250oC


Mica glass tape and glass fiber braid 

Fiber glass braid sheathed cable for temperatures up to +180oC, in voltages 1.9kV, 4.2kV, 7.2kV, 15kV. 2GTL

In addition to the cables forming part of our standard high temperature cable range, we can supply a number of other high temp cables manufactured to international standards or custom designed to meet your application's specific requirements



Silicone Cable



Silicone Cable+Foil+Shield

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