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Iran's cable industry is a growing industry, including the cable industry Tehran Sadra as a small member of this large community to produce Deals with silicone wires and cables. The company with 17 years of experience in the field of production of refractory wires and cables (Silicone) to offer its products to various industries such as: Rail Industries, Oil and gas, steel, construction, home appliance industries We are proud to meet the standards of ISIRI, IEC, VDE for production The following specialized cables, some of which are exclusive to this collection, are in service Be the country's industry: Fire resistant cables, heat resistant cables Silicon instrumentation cables, free halogen cables, silicon wires, fiberglass wires, spark plug wires  In this regard, the accuracy in production, speed in doing work and after-sales service We set ourselves a goal and we consider ourselves bound to achieve these things

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Using the best raw materials and observing the highest standards in wire and cable production

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Silicone/Fiberglass Wire

Designed for use in environments where sustained
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Silicone Cable/ Shield

High temperature cables (also known as High Temp cables) represent a vast range of cables which continue to perform at increased and elevated temperatures.
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Ignition Cable

Ignition cable to transmit high voltage instantaneous current from the power supply to the combustion chamber
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