Buy instrumentation cable

Buy instrumentation cable

The instrument cable is used to operate the data processing system. Buying a tool cable gives you a wide range of functions. This cable is made of materials that determine the final quality of this product. For this reason, it can be recommended that you pay attention to the product when buying this cable.

Definition of instrumentation cable ?

To be more precise, Kabul is currently used in instrumentation in various industries, including the missile, petrochemical, military, oil and gas, aerospace, defense, food, medical and other industries. Each use of instrumentation cables requires special coatings and materials, so you should pay attention to the quality and coatings when buying these cables.

Instrumentation cable protective layers

One of the most important things to consider when buying a power tool cable is the protective layers on these cables as well as the technical specifications of the power tool cable. As you know, instrumentation cables can be installed in any environment. For this reason, when buying this product, you should first consider the installation site and order the instrumentation cable with a suitable cover. Among the layers of instrumentation cables are shield or screen, armor, pair structure and mica insulation tape.

Purchase price of instrumentation cable

The price of instrumentation cables is one of the factors that is directly related to the size of the cables and its components. Here are some factors that affect the purchase price of instrumentation cables:

This cable has a metal cover made of copper and therefore its price is always changing.

Insulation and coating of these cables affect the price of this product.

Armored instrumentation cables are more expensive than non-armored ones.

Buy instrumentation cable from Tehran Sadra Kabul

Tehran Sadra is proud to offer the best and highest quality instrumentation cable to its customers. These companies have been working in the field of selling various types of instrumentation cables for many years, and during these years, they have attracted the satisfaction of many customers and turned them into regular customers.

The company sells all cables with a guarantee of authenticity and physical health of the product, so customers can buy their products from this store with complete confidence. To inquire about the price of instrumentation cables and order this product through the communication channels listed on the site, contact the sellers of Tehran Sadra Kabul.


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If you need advice, purchase and information about the price of instrumentation cables, contact Tehran Sadra’s office.

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