Double Coated Wire

Double coated wire

Double-coated wire is a type of refractory wire, double-coated wire is usually with silicone coatings and woven fiberglass coatings. The thermal power of double-coated wire in continuous operation is up to about 300 degrees Celsius.For this reason, in areas where there is high heat, such as furnaces and similar places, thermocouple wires, boards that generate a lot of heat, etc., use double-coated tissue wires. It should also be noted that wires with this type of construction, in addition to having high resistance and thermal stability, also have good mechanical resistance, which show good stability against sharp areas and impact. One of the problems in grouping wires and cables and separating them is the different temperatures of these wires in different functions.

What is a double sheath wire?

Twisted wires are strong and stable wires against heat and heat. Normally, this wire is made of silicone.

These double coated silicone wires can be used at temperatures above 250 ° C for a very long time and at temperatures close to 300 ° C for a short time.

Double coated cables and wires, in addition to showing good stability at high temperatures, also perform well in times of fire and have a high degree of flexibility under normal conditions. They have high durability and strength against environmental damage.

Uses of double coated wire:

– In heating devices and equipment such as microwave ovens, electric rice cookers, heaters, etc.
– In airplanes, steel mills, ships, cars, heavy equipment, communication equipment, etc.
– In home appliances, home appliances, office supplies, car electrical parts, etc.
– In wiring with high temperatures such as lighting equipment, motor pumps, boilers, etc.Also, it is better to know that using low-quality and non-standard cables that are available in the market have a great impact on causing fires and fires, so it can be done with the help of double-stranded wires and High quality, which has the necessary standards, increased the quality of work and increased the level of security and safety.

Features and uses of double coated wire

One of the features of double-coated wires is the very high level of insulation resistance and voltage. Another feature of double-coated wire is that it does not emit toxic gases when burned and is well-suited to the environment and nature. Double-coated wires are also resistant to ozone radiation, and because they are made of silicone insulation and fiberglass sheathing, they also have high mechanical strength.It can also be said that double coated wires have high durability and stability against sharp objects, impact and environmental damage.

Double-coated refractory wires are used in areas that have a lot of heat, such as furnaces and similar places, thermocouple wires, etc.

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