Fireproof fire alarm cable

Fireproof fire alarm cable

The tools used in fire and fire alarm systems play an important role in the proper and timely operation of these systems. Equipment and tools used in fire alarm systems include fire alarm cable or fire alarm cable.Uses of fire alarm cable
Fire alarm cables are used in a variety of locations, from airports, subways, trains, heavy industry, fire alarm systems, and sensitive locations where security is a priority, such as training facilities. Including schools, universities, libraries, offices, banks and in general any type of space and place where the security of the building is at a high level.

In this article, we are going to talk about fire alarm cable and common questions about it. Refractory fire alarm cables
Due to the sensitivities in transmitting information and the urgent need for fire resistance and the need for stability and strength against impact and physical damage to wires and cables, fire alarm cable is one of the best possible options in projects It is a fire alarm.

Refractory cable is a fire alarm cable that can transmit electrical current at very high temperatures and up to about 900 degrees Celsius Of course, in Iran, cables that are resistant to temperatures of 250 degrees Celsius are called refractory cables. The reason that fire-resistant fire-resistant cables can withstand temperatures up to that high is due to the addition of mica tape coated on tin-plated copper and the use of silicone compounds in the internal and external insulation of the cable.

Fireproof fire alarm cable

Of course, there are several ways to increase the temperature tolerance of the cable, the most common of which is the use of insulation and coatings. Features of fire alarm cable
Having low smoke
The cables used in this type of area should be such that they emit very little smoke in the event of a fire or fire. They prevent the transfer of heat to the underlying layers during combustion.

In the initial moments of the fire, these cables lose part of their cover and can finally withstand about an hour and a half, after which the thermal insulation disappears, so the problem of low smoke in this cable. It matters. Free of toxic gases
These cables should not emit any toxic gases during fires. The production of toxic gases by the cable during combustion can pose a risk equal to or greater than the fire itself.

Flame Retardant

Fire alarm cable is a kind of fire that does not spread the fire on itself, this cable can extinguish the fire on the fire at the same starting point and has a kind of fire extinguishing property. This feature should also be considered in fire alarm fire cables. Common types of refractory fire alarm cables
Fire alarm cables on the market are divided into three main groups, all of which we will explain in full.

Refractory cables with a temperature resistance of 250 degrees, made in Iran
Any type of cable that can transmit information well at a temperature of 250 degrees without any special problems is called refractory cable. T

hese cables are basically among the cables that are resistant to heat and heat and are known in the market as refractory cables. The material used in the covers of these cables is mainly made of silicone. Silicon can withstand high temperatures well, so it will not be damaged or exposed to high temperatures. Refractory cables made of silicon can be shielded, shielded, or woven and non-woven shields, all of which have a metal foil with a drain wire for discharge and resistance to environmental noise.

It should be noted that refractory cables are often halogen free or halogen free. Free halogen is a property in which the cable does not emit toxic and dangerous gases when it burns. Another feature of these cables is the ability to prevent flame spread. This feature allows the cable to contain the flame in case of fire and the flame does not spread on the cable and has a kind of self-extinguishing mechanism. The price of fire alarm cable varies according to the selected material, its features, build quality and company brand. Further reading: Free halogen cable
Refractory cables with 950 ° C temperature resistance made in Iran
These cables are among the cables that can withstand temperatures up to 950 degrees and pass electrical current without any problems during a fire.

Mica tape is commonly used to make these cables. This tape normally covers the surface of wires with a diameter of 1.5 mm and then placed on this layer of shield and finally the last layer of silicone. These types of cables can have no shield, have shield and foil shield. Refractory cables with resistance of 950 degrees outside temperature.

This group of cables is basically the same as the second type of cable, but it is manufactured and produced abroad. Cables that are fire and fire resistant and are of foreign type are available in the domestic market and due to the sensitivities of the fire department at present, only the use of refractory cable for external fire alarm is internationally valid and approved. So far, this organization has not allowed any type of refractory cables made in Iran to enter the organization’s vendor.

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