Ignition Cable

Ignition cable to transmit high voltage instantaneous current from the power supply to the combustion chamber. These cables have different structures depending on the type of application. Ignition cable produced by Tehran Sadra specialized cable with silicone coating to transmit instantaneous voltage up to 15 kV It is convenient.

Characteristics General

• Continuous operating temperatures: -60 °C to +180 °C.
• Good resistance to thermal shock and UV.
• Excellent mechanical strength

• Rated voltage: 10 kV.
• Test voltage: 15 kV


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About Tehran Sadra

Iran's cable industry is a growing industry in which Tehran Sadra specialized cable industry, as a small member of this large community, has put the production of silicone wires and cables on its agenda. Utilizing 17 years of experience in the field of production of refractory (silicone) wires and cables, this company has presented its products to various industries such as: railway, oil and gas, steel, construction, and home appliance industries.

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