Refractory wires and cables

Refractory wires and cables

Refractory wires are resistant to heat, heat and fire. Normally, these refractory wires and cables are made of silicone.

Introducing the features of refractory wires and cables
Silicon refractory wires and cables can be used at 200 ° C for a long time and at temperatures close to 250 ° C for a short time.

These types of wires and cables have resistance in high areas and when a fire occurs, they give a lot and in normal condition, they have a high acceptance rate and have high durability and resistance.

Against most chemicals, all kinds of acids, oils, air, ultraviolet rays and bad weather conditions and high temperatures have a high resistance and show great compatibility.

Other characteristics of refractory wires and cables include resistance and stability against heat, heat, fire and electric shock. These features make this product the best choice for wiring in bad conditions and high ambient temperatures.

Introducing different types of refractory wires and cables :
There are different types of wires and refractory cables, which can be instrumentation cables, control cables, power cables, fire alarm cables, high voltage cables, ignition wires and cables, refractory wires, Two woven veneers and so on. Users use this type of refractory wires and cables for necessary and important wiring in emergency situations.

It is also worth mentioning that silicon refractory wire and silicon refractory cable are used in most different industries according to the said characteristics and suitability with different temperatures and durability and stability against different weather conditions.15 What are the different uses of refractory wires and cables?

Refractory wires and cables

Refractory wires and cables can be a wise and cost-effective choice for the industries listed below:

Food cooking and drying equipment
Industrial furnaces
Manufacture and use in transformers
Various heating equipment
Used in steel and hot rolled
Laboratory equipment and tools
Measurement and control equipment
Engines and generators
Various medical equipment
Commercial and work wiring
General, household and industrial wiring
Wiring in aircraft and aerospace industries
Applied industries in refinery oil, gas and petrochemical basins
As well as various sensitive centers
And various other casesWhat are the most important features of refractory wires and cables?

This type of wire and cable has features such as light weight, high security, reliable, practical and easy to carry. These wires are also easily implemented in electronic circuits.

Wires and cables have high resistance to heat and are suitable for making wires in the fields of mechanics, electricity and the environment. They are also highly resistant to abrasion, moisture, damp, dust and dirt. It is noteworthy that in some cases, these refractory wires and cables can continue to work even at a temperature of 250 ° C as a problem and disruption.

What are the benefits of fireproof wire and cable?Resistance to current intensity due to strong voltage of electric current at high temperature against heat or cold up to minus 60 ° C below zero to 250 ° C above zero
High flexibility and ductility at different cross sections while maintaining the stability of the electric current
Resistant to various weather conditions such as high humidity or hot and dry environments, these wires and cables insulate against moisture and dryness.
Resistant to infrared, ultraviolet, gamma rays and unaffected by ozone 2
No acid gasesLow Smoke
Fungi and bacteria do not grow in silicone materials and are better for use in the medical and food industries
Resistance to air colds
Resistance to high molecular weight oils such as fats, saline or acidifying or dilute acids and alcohols
Low flammability of refractory wires and cables, flame diffusion test according to the required standard .

Refractory wires and cables

Having the property of conducting electricityWhat are the disadvantages of refractory wires and cables?
Non-recycling of refractory wires and cables in nature and the environment
Relatively high price of silicone refractory wires and cables compared to PVC wires and cables up to about 30 to 40%
Introducing the uses of refractory wires and cablesThe use of refractory wires and cables and silicon cables can be used as high applications in fire and fire alarm systems, construction of wagons and railways, metro construction, petrochemical industry, refinery industry, military industry, aviation industry, rig Petroleum industry, shipbuilding industry, food industry, electronics industry, medical industry, residential and office buildings, manufacturing tradition of various home appliances, factories and products and industries that have a lot of heat due to manufacturing the final product on the production line and Educational centers, universities, schools, hotels and all places that are highly sensitive.Important Note: It is also worth mentioning that refractory wires and cables can be used in all industries and sensitive centers of the country to increase the security of these centers against various hazards and accidents that may occur due to high current intensity. Because refractory wires and cables have much higher resistance and durability than PVC wires and cables against direct and indirect heat and heat or heat and heat resulting from the intensity of electric current.Other products of Tehran Sadra:

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