Standard instrument cable

Standard instrument cable

Before examining the instrument cable, you should be familiar with its standards. At present, instrumentation cables are used in all industries, including industry, oil, gas, petrochemical, defense, military and.. Because the range of these cables is very long and can transfer data and information accurately and without noise. As you know, instrumentation cables are made of special materials and in different companies.

Therefore, these cables follow general standards, and therefore the function of all cables is the same.

What is the instrumentation cable standard?

A standard is a requirement that is set as a rule for the production of products. These standards are carefully written and provided to manufacturers. These standards are fully engineered and based on principles and tell you how to produce your products that are of good quality.

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Types of instrumentation cables:

The most important standard instrument cable
API standard
The standard of the American Oil Company is one of the most important standards that must be considered when producing instrumentation cables. The API standard is widely used in the field of instrumentation, but is not limited to this area and is also important in other areas such as submarine and shipbuilding.ISA standard
The ISA standard is one of the main international standards that is the reference in the industry. This standard is related to the field of automation and instrumentation. Therefore, this standard must be considered.

Instrumentation standard EN

The EN instrumentation standard is in the field of European protection standard and is therefore used in various fields such as protection related to explosion-proof systems. Of course, this standard is also applicable in other areas.BSI standard
BSI can be considered as one of the most important instrument cable standards. The BSI standard belongs to the British Standards Institution, which is one of the most widely used standards in the United Kingdom. This standard is very comprehensive and is used in various fields.

NFPA standard

The NFPA standard is another standard for instrumentation cables that is similar to the EN standard and is one of the standards of the National Fire Protection Association.

IEC standard

The IEC standard is an electrical standard by the International Electrotechnical Commission that applies to the electrical and electrical fields. This standard is used directly in precision cable tools.

ASTM standard

ASTM is a type of mechanical standard commonly used by mechanics. An instrumentation engineer must have the appropriate information in a variety of fields.

NACE standard

NACE is another instrumentation cable standard. Nice standard is an international standard in the field of corrosion. This standard is very important and must be in the field of work.

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