Types of instrumentation cables

Types of instrumentation cables

Instrument cable is one of the products used to transmit information. These cables follow certain standards and different materials have been used to make them. Therefore, it can be said that these cables have different types. In the following, we will explain some types of instrument cables to you so that you can make the right choice based on them. So follow us to the end of this article for more information.5 instrumentation cables in terms of performance
ARCENT cable.

ARCENT is one of the main types of instrumentation cables that are used at high speed in local area networks and in principle to establish communication between industrial computers.

AS-I cable
The AS-I cable is another instrumentation cable used for sensor devices.

CAN-BUS cable
CAN-BUS cable is one of the most widely used cables in harsh environments such as car production lines.FIELD-BUS cable
These cables are commonly used in industrial equipment such as controllers and actuators and sensors.

The use of these cables is used in tools and devices such as motor starters and photoelectrics.

Types of instrumentation cables

Steering cableSteering cable or silicone instrumentation cable is another type of instrumentation cable that is used to control, improve and increase the speed of the system. This cable is produced in the form of screens and shields and is used in high pressure situations.

Fire alarm cable

Fire alarm cable or fire cable is used to increase safety. These cables show the highest resistance to heat and fire and see the least damage.Military cable
Other types of instrumentation cables include military cables. These cables are explosion-proof and are therefore used in military and other industries such as petrochemicals and oil and gas where there is a possibility of explosion. These cables are used to connect the system and will prevent them from being disconnected.

Buy a variety of instrument cables

To buy a tool cable, you must first know its types and examine the covers and quality of these cables. One of the most important factors in buying these cables is their structure. For this reason, we recommend that you purchase instrumentation cables from reputable and authorized dealers.

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