Silicone wire

Silicone wire

Due to their chemical resistance and temperature resistance and free halogen properties, silicon wires are widely used in aerospace, railways, power plants, iron and steel industries, rolling mills, foundry industries, metallurgy, chemical industries, It has petrochemical industries, cement, ceramics and glass factories. Silicon wires are also used in a variety of projectors and other types of lighting systems, heating equipment and fire alarm systems.

What you need to know about silicone wire

Silicon wires are produced in two types of conductors and wires. Features of silicon wires include heat resistance, sunlight resistance, acid resistance, alcohol, high molecular weight oils, ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, gamma rays, weather conditions. Various such as cold, dry and desert, humid and sultry weather mentioned above.

The same property of silicon wires or silicon refractory wires has led to industries such as petrochemicals, automobiles, construction equipment, defense, aerospace, aerospace, shipbuilding, rail, wagon, fire alarm and control, various refineries, industrial engines , Industrial switchboards and switchboard equipment to be used in a wide range.

Silicon wires or silicon refractory wires have insulations made of HTV plastic, which are made of flexible elastomer polymers, which are excellent polymers and minerals that have silicon SI and oxygen O elements and no carbon element.

They do not contain them and are also known by the combination of SIO2.

Why use silicone wire?

The interesting, different, and amazing properties of silicon allow us to use them to make wires that we expect to have high thermal resistance. The wire made of silicon wire is also known as refractory wire. But apart from the different applications of this wire, there are other important features for this wire that can be mentioned as follows:

Resistance to temperatures below minus 60 ° C (60 ° C below zero)
Having high and convenient flexibility
Abrasion resistance and stability
Low smoke and free of halogen or free halogen
No dangerous and toxic gases when burning
Stability against moisture and humidity
Good stability and durability against ultraviolet and gamma rays
Resistance to the spread of flames High amp silicon wire
The current of a power cord is determined by the size of the conductor, the insulation material and the surrounding temperature. Because the latest operating temperatures of silicon wires are higher than conventional PVC-insulated wires, they also have a higher conductivity.

When all these features are present in one wire, choosing it according to the environmental conditions at the installation site becomes a great and wise choice. Silicone wire and the necessary tips about it to know better
When buying silicone wire, you should pay attention that the type of silicone used in their production has a great role in thermal and mechanical resistance and strength. According to previous tests, silicone wires, if they are of good quality, can heat up to 200 Tolerate degrees Celsius. In terms of physical strength, this product is made in two types, ordinary and HQ, the first type is for general and home use and the second type is for special and sensitive uses.

Silicone wire, in addition to being supplied as a single coating, can also be made as a double coating, in which case they use a silicone insulation layer and a fiberglass coating. These types of silicone double-coated wires have high strength and stability and can withstand temperatures of 300 ° C.

Structure and specifications of silicone wire (refractory wire)

Structure: TiCu / SIR
Conductor: Tin-plated copper sprayers in various sizes in accordance with national and international standards
Insulation: silicone rubber
Colors: yellow, red, blue, green, white, black, brown, green and yellow, gray and other colors according to customer order
Working voltage: 300/500 volts Perfect full silicone wire
Silicone wires and cables, also known as Silicone Wire in English, are originally one of the new generations of silicone coated wires that are used in sensitive places and have replaced ordinary and old wires. . Silicon wires have a high current and it is also noteworthy that they show high resistance to heat. Silicon wires have low and good energy consumption and are resistant to magnetic fields.

The cover Silicon wires make silicon wires very resistant to cold weather, various high molecular weight oils such as fats, salt solutions, acidifiers, dilute acids and alcohols. Made of silicon, they also have the property of electrical failure

What are the main applications of silicone wire?

Wiring of heating devices
Home electricity
Electric motors and urban lighting
Industrial wiring in hot environments
Medical industry
Sensitive electronic components
Build a battery
Construction of engines

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